CeQur is a spin off of Danfoss Bionics and was incorporated in Jan. 2008 in Corsier (VD). This spin-off is the result of a disinvestment recommendation of the Bionics division following to a McKinsey study conducted on behalf of Danfoss.

The CeQur PaQ™ insulin delivery device is intended for continuous, subcutaneous delivery of insulin at set and variable rates for the management of diabetes mellitus in patients requiring insulin as prescribed by a physician. The technology is reliable, the design had met high industry standards and the IP situation (patentability and freedom to operate) is positive.

The intent for PaQ™ device is to deliver a continuous stable basal rate of insulin and incorporate an adjustable bolus functionality. PaQ™ includes a flow sensor to trigger an alarm for faulty pump conditions. PaQ™ insulin delivery device is filled with fast acting Insulin and is targeting in particular type-2 patients on MDI (multiple dayly injections) in order to obtain superior glycaemic control and improve patient outcome.