genkyotexGenticel (Euronext Paris & Brussels: FR00011790542 – GTCL), a biotechnology company developinginnovative immunotherapies, and Genkyotex, a Swiss privately-held biopharmaceutical company and the leader in NOX therapies, announced today that Genticel has signed a contribution agreement with the shareholders of Genkyotex pursuant to which, subject to the approval of Genticel’s shareholders at a meeting expected to be held in the first quarter of 2017, Genkyotex’s shareholders will contribute in kind 100% of the Genkyotex share capital (on a fully diluted basis) to Genticel, which will issue new shares in remuneration for the contribution. Upon completion of the proposed transaction, Genkyotex’s shareholders will hold 80% of Genticel’s share capital and voting rights (on a non-diluted basis).

Genkyotex, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, with a subsidiary located in Archamps, France, is developing a portfolio of NADPH oxidase (NOX) oral small molecule inhibitors, which have therapeutic potential for the treatment of multiple significant clinical indications with substantial unmet need. Genkyotex’s therapeutic approach is based on a selective inhibition of NOX enzymes, which drive a broad range of disease processes, including fibrosis, inflammatory pain, angiogenesis, cancer growth, and neurodegeneration. The seven NOX enzymes form an important new therapeutic target because they modulate multiple signaling pathways implicated in disease by selectively oxidizing key proteins, lipids or DNA.

Genkyotex is currently developing two first-in-class NOX inhibitors and is conducting research on multiple pre-clinical molecules:

???? GKT831, a NOX1 and NOX4 inhibitor for fibrotic indications, is expected to enter a Phase II clinical trial in primary biliary cholangitis (PBC), an orphan fibrotic liver disease, during the first half of 2017. Published animal model data highlight the anti-fibrotic and anti-inflammatory mechanism of action of GKT831. The drug candidate has the potential to be developed in fibrotic diseases in the liver, like PBC and non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), as well as in fibrotic diseases in other organs.

???? GKT771, a NOX1 inhibitor targeting multiple pathways in angiogenesis, pain and inflammation, is expected to enter a Phase I clinical study during the second half of 2017.

???? Genkyotex also has several ongoing pre-clinical programs evaluating the therapeutic potential of NOX inhibitors in central nervous system (CNS) diseases, hearing loss and oncology indications.

The combined consolidated cash position of Genkyotex and Genticel should enable the new group to complete both its Phase II study in PBC with GKT831 and its first Phase I study with GKT771.