Nexthink®, a leader in digital employee experience management software for enterprises, and BRACHIN LLC, a leading IT enterprise software and consulting firm, announced a partnership to help satisfy a forecasted increase in demand for improved digital experience in the workplace. As employee digital experience becomes a top priority for CIOs, the demand for solutions and experts that can ensure that organizations have the highest-quality digital experience becomes a necessity.

“Our 74% increase in annual subscription revenue in 2017 underscores the growing demand from CIOs and IT departments that understand their most important consumer is the end user,” said Mary Beth Vassallo, North America VP and GM of Nexthink. “By building IT services starting with the end user and empowering IT teams to instantly take action to correct issues and improve employee experience, organizations are able to better attract and retain top talent, increase efficiency, reduce cost and see employees become more productive.”

BRACHIN LLC is a leading IT Enterprise Software and Consulting firm providing IT Service Management, Cyber Security, Big Data and SAP S/4 HANA – Consulting services. For Chief Information Officers, Employee digital experience will become a top priority. The balance between the external customer-facing digital world and internal employee-facing one has been slowing shifting in the past year as organizations realize they cannot be effective externally if they are not equally effective internally.

As the world becomes more digital the need to ensure the security of our digital systems has grown exponentially. With each endpoint in an organization acting as a potential front door for hackers and cyber criminals strong security and thorough compliance are keys for every enterprise company.

“End-point cybersecurity is the weakest link in the enterprise. While there have been enormous efforts to secure and flag issues in the data center, network and applications, the enterprise end user remains the most vulnerable,” said Oscar Perez President of BRACHIN LLC. “Sophisticated attacks targeting employees to get access to the corporate data will continue to rise in 2018 and new methods need to be implemented to protect this rising threat.”