Nexthink®, a leader in digital experience management for enterprises, today announced that La Banque Cantonale Neuchâteloise (BCN), a leading Swiss bank, has implemented the full portfolio of Nexthink’s most recently introduced platform. The new platform, for the first time, brings endpoint analytics, end-user feedback and endpoint remediation together in one offering.

“The Nexthink platform has given us an unprecedented ability to be proactive in how we support our enterprise end users and the endpoints they use, while ensuring compliance to the standards of use we have set,” said Daniel Vulliemin, Banque Cantonale Neuchâteloise’s CIO. “We’re confident that the new capabilities for automated remediation now being offered in the new version of Nexthink will bring the seamless availability of endpoints as business productivity tools to a whole new level.”

BCN has been using Nexthink’s digital experience management platform for several years to better manage endpoint devices across the bank’s 14 branches and agencies throughout Switzerland. The platform has given it a real-time view and analytics into all endpoints, helping it monitor end-user related events such as changes in the IT infrastructure, application usage, bandwidth, error messages and potential security risks, as well as to ensure compliance to bank security policies, and obtain end-user feedback to improve the way IT supports end users.

BCN has upgraded to the new version of Nexthink, which now includes Nexthink Act, providing the ability to not only see what is occurring across endpoint devices but to immediately take action to resolve any incidents within seconds. Additionally, the Nexthink Engage module will allow BCN to engage in conversations with users when they are experiencing a situation, to interact and gather unique contextual feedback and send targeted notifications in real time to quickly resolve issues.

“BCN has been very pleased with the level of proactive IT management and support it is able to provide to its end-user staff with Nexthink, and we’re confident that the newest automation capabilities, will bring them even greater gains in seamless incident remediation, productivity and empowered IT staff and end users,” said Pedro Bados, CEO of Nexthink.