Nexthink®, a leader in end-user experience management, today announced a partnership with Yorizon, a market leading provider of fully integrated survey and reporting solutions, headquartered in the Netherlands.

Yorizon is an independent company with more than 20 years of experience, specialising in IT satisfaction surveys, reporting and benchmarking. The company caters for organisations of all sizes, including small to medium sized enterprises that are striving to measure and appraise the performance of their IT services. Yorizon’s customers span a wide range of industry sectors and include both for profit and non-profit organisations.

With Happiness in IT as its central paradigm, Yorizon’s approach is aimed at highlighting the accomplishments of IT services while simultaneously helping companies improve the overall IT satisfaction of employees. It does this through tools that measure the perception and expectation of end-users, calculating an Overall IT Happiness Score and benchmark. Surveys can be customised or predefined on best practice topics that measure user satisfaction.

Nexthink provides real-time analytics on the entire IT estate and endpoints from the end-user perspective. All important end-user related events such as changes in the IT infrastructure, application usage, bandwidth, error messages and potential security risks are recorded and visualised from the end-user perspective. Nexthink’s feedback module meanwhile, enables the collection of real-time feedback about users’ perceived experiences with business applications and services, providing detailed insight into IT performance.

“We were looking for a proven end-user experience management tool built for the enterprise that would complement our services,” said Cees-Pieter den Hartog, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Yorizon. “Nexthink links perception-based IT end-user satisfaction measurements with fact-based IT performance insights. This provides a powerful combination of IT Happiness end-user feedback programs hand-in-hand with real time end-user analytics. Nexthink has champion-in-its-niche software that will help our customers monitor IT performance to further increase end-user IT Happiness.”

Bob Moore, VP Northern Europe at Nexthink said: “In a digital workplace end-user IT satisfaction contributes enormously to employee productivity, and in turn to the success of the business. Today’s partnership combines Yorizon’s expertise in IT Happiness with Nexthink’s real-time analytics. The combined insight enables IT managers to make effective service quality improvements as well as instruct future investments in IT. For Nexthink the partnership with Yorizon is a natural fit and we look forward to spreading more IT happiness through the effective tool of end-user feedback.”